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Coding for a lumbar three-phase bone scan with SPECT


We performed a lumbar three-phase bone scan with SPECT. I’m being told to report CPT® codes 78315 and 78803. Is this correct? I think I should just report code 78315.


It is best to report either 78315 or 78803, but not both. Code 78315 does not include SPECT but is considered a limited planar scan, so you can report one or the other, but not both codes. The codes and full descriptions are as follows:

78315 Bone and/or joint imaging; 3 phase study

78803 Radiopharmaceutical localization of tumor, inflammatory process or distribution of radiopharmaceutical agent(s) (includes vascular flow and blood pool imaging, when performed); tomographic (SPECT), single area (eg, head, neck, chest, pelvis), single day imaging