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Coding for multiple follow-up angiograms during embolizations


The physician documented six follow-up angiograms during an embolization. How many times may we report CPT® code 75898? 


The code and full description are as follows:

75898 Angiography through existing catheter for follow-up study for transcatheter therapy, embolization or infusion, other than for thrombolysis

For intracranial/spinal cord embolizations (CPT code 61624), you can code separately for each follow-up done and documented. How many any particular insurance plan will reimburse is up to their policy. We have coded six or more follow-ups many times. Sometimes, particularly with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) treatment, there may be a follow-up angiogram performed after placement of every coil. If documented, you can code each of these. 

For non-CNS extracranial head and neck embolization (CPT code 61626), you can only report one follow-up exam regardless of how many are done. 

With body embolization (CPT codes 3724137244), all follow-ups are included in the base procedure code and not paid separately.