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Coding for PYP cardiac scans for cardiac amyloidosis performed at different times


Are we allowed to submit CPT® code 78830 with CPT code 78801? We are performing a PYP Cardiac scan for Cardiac Amyloidosis. We perform the scan at two different times, initially, one-hour post injection and then at three hours using SPECT imaging at the one-hour delay set of images.


No, you can’t bill both, you will only submit CPT code 78803 if performed with SPECT. The rule for SPECT and now SPECT/CT is that these codes include limited area planar imaging. A planar cardiac amyloidosis scan would normally be defined by CPT code 78800 as it is a single area (heart), but when also performed with SPECT it would generally be CPT code 78803, or, with SPECT/CT, then CPT code 78830.