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HCPCS code for barium agents


Is there a HCPCS code for VARIBAR (barium sulfate)?


VARIBAR® (barium sulfate), like all other barium contrast agents, does not have Level II HCPCS codes. Under Medicare, barium products are considered to be drugs used as supplies1 and are not separately billable or paid. Hospitals should follow CMS’ guidance for billing drugs that are packaged and paid as supplies, reporting coded and uncoded drugs with their charges under the revenue code associated with the cost center under which the hospital accumulates the costs for the drugs. 

Check with your chargemaster specialist—common revenue codes for barium contrast agents are2 : 

0255 Drugs incident to radiology 

0270 Medical/surgical supplies—general or 

0621 Medical/surgical supplies—extension of 027X—incident to radiology 

Commercial payors may or may not reimburse for barium products separately. Please check with your individual payor’s plans. 

For more information on our barium products, please see the complete Barium Contrast and Medical Accessories Catalog at

  1. Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15—Covered Medical and Other Health Services, Section 50.2.M 
  2. Hospital Revenue Codes, Noridian—accessed May 25, 2021.



VARIBAR® (barium sulfate)

Indications and Usage:

VARIBAR® THIN HONEY (barium sulfate) oral suspension, VARIBAR® NECTAR (barium sulfate) oral suspension, and VARIBAR® THIN LIQUID (barium sulfate) for oral suspension, are indicated for use in modified barium swallow examinations to evaluate the oral and pharyngeal function and morphology in adult and pediatric patients. VARIBAR® HONEY (barium sulfate) oral suspension and VARIBAR® PUDDING (barium sulfate) oral paste are indicated for use in modified barium swallow examinations to evaluate the oral and pharyngeal function and morphology in adult and pediatric patients 6 months of age and older.


For Oral Administration. This product should not be used in patients with known or suspected perforation of the GI tract, known obstruction of the GI tract, high risk of aspiration, or hypersensitivity to barium sulfate products. Rarely, severe allergic reactions of anaphylactoid nature have been reported following administration of barium sulfate contrast agents. Aspiration may occur during the modified barium swallow examination, monitor the patient for aspiration.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Please consult full Prescribing Information for VARIBAR HONEY here, for VARIBAR THIN HONEY here, for VARIBAR PUDDING here, for VARIBAR NECTAR here, and for VARIBAR THIN LIQUID here.

VARIBAR is manufactured by E-Z-EM Canada Inc., for E-Z-EM, Inc., a subsidiary of Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Monroe Twp., NJ 08831.

VARIBAR is a registered trademark of E-Z-EM, Inc.