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Revenue codes for a Swan Ganz catheter


Where do we find the revenue code to put on our hospital claim for a Swan Ganz catheter that is used when a right heart catheterization is performed?


There isn’t a “definite” revenue code for such supplies. Medicare says the following about revenue codes in the Claims Processing Manual, chapter 4: 

“20.5 – Clarification of HCPCS Code to Revenue Code Reporting

Generally, CMS does not instruct hospitals on the assignment of HCPCS codes to revenue codes for services provided under OPPS since hospitals’ assignment of cost vary. Where explicit instructions are not provided, providers should report their charges under the revenue code that will result in the charges being assigned to the same cost center to which the cost of those services are assigned in the cost report.”

A Swan Ganz catheter would normally fall under one of the revenue codes in either the 027X series or the 062X series.