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Three-phase bone scan is not considered a whole-body scan


Is a 3-phase bone scan, CPT® 78315, considered a whole-body scan? We do some limited imaging, then whole-body planar imaging. Can we bill 78315 with a SPECT scan? 


No, CPT code 78315 is not considered a whole-body scan, even if your protocol is to do the whole-body planar imaging. The code is typically used to describe imaging to evaluate for osteomyelitis or another type of localized process, so the whole-body planar imaging is not usually medically necessary. 

Regarding assignment of CPT code 78315 with a SPECT or SPECT/CT scan CPT code, no you can’t submit both. You can choose to bill submit CPT code 78315 or the appropriate SPECT scan CPT code, but not both. Only the whole-body planar bone scan CPT code 78306 may be separately billed with a SPECT or SPECT/CT scan.